June 7, 2024

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  • Winter guides for the nation’s biggest cities, national parks, and ski resorts. We need roundups of winter locales with cold-weather activities, including author suggestions. Here’s a winter city, skiing in a national park, and another.
  • Statewide weekend getaways we need lists of places to visit in one state. 
  • Road Journey Itineraries: Plan the perfect trip around your state by automobile, including where to stay, what to do, and where to eat and drink. 
  • Where can one locate intriguing day trips and weekend vacations near big cities? How can readers visit less-visited areas? 
  • Independent traveler walking tours: Where would you bring our readers to see the best of your favorite city? Where should they go first? Create a self-guided walking tour to test your tour-leading skills. 
  • Local Guides: Describe your community thoroughly! What to do, where to stay, what to eat, and other local secrets. 
  • If your proposal is great, we’ll seek work that fits the guidelines. Before publishing your content, we may request a few changes.
  • 800+ words. Our posts aren’t short. We don’t think they represent the range and depth of the information our website visitors want (our readers are a bunch of nerds, just like us). So, expand your message.
  • Include relevant website links. If you mention a company or tourism destination in your message, you must link to their website .you should give enough relevant content to encourage relevant relationships.
  • Include images, either your own or others. Your photographs should be aesthetically pleasing and match the article’s content; they help visually tell a location’s story. If photographs aren’t your thing or you don’t have any that work for your piece, we’ll need you to find copyright-free stock photos (we’ll help if you’ve never done it). If you don’t have photographs, you must find them.
  • You’ll help us edit twice. Our expert editors will help you improve your content so it meets Maitreyarelictour.Com’s standards. By engaging with you. You’ll know what needs changing and why. By showing you how to edit, we want to improve your writing skills.

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