May 18, 2024

If you rent a cottage for your next trip, you can save money. The benefits of staying in a cottage or cabin instead of a hotel are obvious: more space and a kitchen. However, not everyone wants to rent a cottage or cabin. Let’s look at the good and bad things about renting a cottage for a vacation.

Vacation Rental Pros

  • You have a starting point. You can stay up late, see the sights, and come back to your “home away from home” whenever you want. If you are feeling sick, you can rest and get better in a comfortable place.
  • Only one time is needed to unpack. Many older people don’t like having to pack and unpack every day. When you rent a cottage for a vacation, you can settle in, make it feel like home, and enjoy your time away without having to find your socks and slippers every day.
  • You have more room. Vacation rentals have more space per person than hotel rooms or even most bed-and-breakfast inns. If you choose the right rental unit, you’ll have plenty of space even if you’re traveling with a big group or another couple. The best part is that it’s all yours. You won’t have to worry about noisy neighbors or a shared bathroom.
  • You can stay in the place of your dreams. Whether you want a beach cottage, a cabin in the mountains, or an apartment in the city, you can probably find a vacation rental that is perfect for you.
  • You can save money on food if you buy it and cook it yourself. For many people, the main reason to rent a cottage is to be able to cook “at home.” It’s fun to shop at local grocery stores, and it’s even more fun to expend your travel money on sightseeing instead of eating out.

Cons Of Vacation Rentals

  • If you rent directly from the owner, you won’t find a property manager or support staff on site very often. This means that problems, big or small, will take time to solve. If you have a hard time bringing your patience on vacation with you, renting a cottage might not be the best choice for you.
  • You might need to bring your own sheets, towels, and other things. Some rentals come with sheets and towels, but others, do not. You’ll need to think carefully about this issue, especially if you’re going to your destination by plane.
  • If you rent a cottage on a beach, mountain, or resort area, you’ll probably need to bring or rent a car. Vacation rentals in the city center may be close to public transportation, but you’ll need a car to get to a cottage on the beach or a chalet in the mountains.
  • You are responsible for cleaning up your mess. Most vacation rentals don’t come with maid service. You will also have to make your own travel plans every day because there won’t be a front desk or a concierge to help you.
  • You might be sad when you get there. Looks can be deceiving. That “cozy cottage” you saw online might be full of junk from a garage sale or have other problems that you can’t fix. If you don’t like surprises, you might want to stick with your favorite hotel chain where you know what to expect.

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