June 12, 2024

We all build our dream house taking so many things into consideration. But once you have finished with the planning and construction, the obvious next step is to do the right kind of interiors for your dream house, be it a large spacious one or a small compact home.

We need to pick our lamps, focus lights and chandelier keeping various factors of your home into account. Today’s article contains few tips on the same for you to get an idea on this. Once you get a hang of it, you can buy your lighting from SOFARY. They have a huge collection of lights that are modern and classy at affordable price.

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Before we go on to the exact the subject of the article today, let’s get some basics clear.

What is a ceiling light?

When you choose to mount the light right on the ceiling and not on any of your walls of the room to illuminate the whole room or a particular section of the room, then it is called a ceiling light.

There are many different kinds of ceiling lights that includes LED strips, chandeliers or pendant lights and the like.

Tips and facts that you should know to choose your ceiling lights

Here is some information on ceiling lights compiled from the answers of the most frequently asked questions on ceiling lights.

  • Installing a ceiling light on a wall, even though some might look like you can do so is a bad idea. You will also loose the warranty if you do so.
  • Not all ceiling lights require a false ceiling. There are many different kinds of ceiling lights like a chandelier that do not need a false ceiling for using them.
  • Though false ceiling is not mandatory, it is always recommended as it might change the way the lights and the entire interior looks.
  • If you choose to have minimal attention to the lights, then go for flush mount or semi mount flush ceiling lights.
  • You can use pendant lights and choose to keep its brightness level dimmer to make it non distracting.
  • Choose ‘up-lights’ the inverted pendant lights pointing the ceiling to make the illumination more regular and evenly distributed. These suit the passages and hallways the best.
  • If you prefer a softer lighting option for your halls, TV rooms etc. then choose recessed lights.
  • Cove lights can be used to illuminate the adjacent walls to bring out their beauty.

I hope these points help you to select the right kind of ceiling lights for your homes or shops and other establishments. If you have a tip to add to the list, do write to us or say it in the comments.