May 19, 2024

Are you thinking about what can you to do to make your visitors turn their head in awe? Well, you can start from the beginning that is the entry way of your house. The foremost plan should be to change your dull lighting fixture to a better option. If you start searching for an attractive lighting fixture, you would get abundance of lighting option for your foyer area.

The lasting impression you want to make would decide the type of lighting that would illuminate your entrance. However, nothing shines better than a chandelier. To make foyer lightings exceptional you can also look for manufacturers that may supply custom chandeliers. Sofary is the name you should keep in mind if you want to customize your own designer chandeliers at affordable cost. They do not compromise with the quality for low pricing. If you are somehow unsatisfied, they also have 30 days return policy with full refund.

However, remember that apart from your aesthetics there are other factors to look out for to give the entrance perfect exposure. You need to balance the structure, color, pattern and design of the chandelier with your space properly. It may be a beautiful piece altogether, but if it doesn’t fit your foyer area, it might ruin the whole atmosphere.

The whole purpose is to give it a character and create suitable appearance for your home. With an enticing entrance make the guest expect nothing less from your other spaces. Following are some types of lighting fixture that may go very well with your entrance hall –

  • Chandeliers

Chandeliers can be one of the bold and grandeur lighting option you can get. Although modern chandeliers are far more functional and variant in style, size, and shape. They are trending due to the modern touch it gives to classic lighting idea.

  • Pendant Lightings

Pendants are also called ‘drops’ or suspenders. They hang from the ceiling in a straight line and create an illusion of higher space. If your entryway is narrow or small, this can be a better option.

  • Wall Sconces

If you are hesitating to fix a more eye-catching lighting, you can go for a less conspicuous wall sconce. It is a simple lighting fixture attached to wall. It has become more than a simple wall lamp with today’s design and concepts.

  • Candle Sconces

If you want to give your space a look of antiquity, this type of sconce is most suitable. However, in modern times bulbs resembling candlesticks have replaced the real candle. Since it does not have much illumination you have to fix multiple candle sconces to light up your entrance properly.

  • Semi-flush Mount Lights

This is a ceiling-mounted lighting fixture which looks like a pendant lighting in style but is different in the way it is mounted. They have not much gap from the ceiling. It is best for low-ceiling areas.

  • LED Strip Lighting

This is a new concept of lighting your minimalist modern space. You can attach the lighting strip to any surface. It is an innovative luminary solution, which consumes less energy.