June 12, 2024

Have you ever thought that you could prove to be eco-friendly even when you travel? We know that it is difficult to travel in an eco-friendly manner. Just think about the carbon footprint that is increased when people travel. You do not have to worry about this as we will provide you with very good alternative options to travel with sustainability.

Use reusable bags

We know that people use good bags while travelling which are always reusable. We are talking about the bags that contain your shoes and toiletries. Do not use plastic to store your makeup or shoes. Instead of using plastic bags you can choose eco cooler bags which will find in several patterns on custom earth promos website. These bags are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Whereas plastic bags are non-bio degradable and pollute our environment.

Solid toiletries

Solid toiletries are a very good way of helping the mother nature. You can find solid toiletries at several places online. This is eco-friendly toiletries consist of solid shampoo and conditioner bars, solid toothpaste, and solid perfume. These toiletries are very light and they take up very little room in your bag. They also do not contain any plastic packaging.

Reusable makeup wipes

What if we told you that you could wipe your makeup using eco-friendly makeup wipes? Astonishing right! if you are a lazy traveller then disposable makeup wipes will be your best friend but they are the worst enemy of nature. These words are made from combinations of non-biodegradable fibres and polyesters and pollute the landfill when discarded. Use reusable makeup wipes instead. This easy to use makeup wipes remove the makeup 100%. You can use them with water, cleanser or toner. These makeup wipes can be used up to a thousand times.

Solar charger

Have you ever used solar power charges? Sun is one of the most useful sources of energy. Several people find a major hassle to charge their devices. But electrical chargers take a lot of energy and utilise the energy on a great level. If you use solar chargers instead of electrical chargers when you will be able to save a lot of electrical energy.

Bamboo toothbrush

There is a million toothbrush that gets discarded every year. These plastic toothbrushes are a major setback for our environment. You can use more sustainable products which are bamboo toothbrush to take care of your teeth as well as your environment. Bamboo is a fast-growing crop that does not require any kind of fertilizers. Hence using it in toothbrushes can make them biodegradable instead of using non-decomposable plastic.

Sustainable sunglasses

No matter where you travel, you will find yourself in the need for sunglasses. You can you sustainable sunglasses that are eco-friendly. You can buy sunglasses made from cork, bamboo, wood etc. The sunglasses will last for a few years and you will not be to buy a new pair now and then.