July 17, 2024
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Family vacation is a wonderful opportunity for the family to spend quality timesaway from home. It is a perfect way to restore the love of every member of the family especially for families where one or two members are in conflict between themselves; however, some families have neither gone on vacation before nor do they see the need to go for one. The most challenging reason why most families don’t even add vacations to their yearly plan is due to financial restriction which is fairly understandable because going on vacations costs a lot especially if it’s a luxurious one. However, except the family doesn’t have any tangible source of livelihood, the breadwinner of the home can still save towards one period of vacation probably in December if he/she really sees its importance. It doesn’t have to be 3 or 4 times in a year. Funny enough, even wealthy families hardly go on vacation more than twice in a year except it’s a luxury picnic, so using financial restriction as an excuse is not always a good idea when it is possible to find your way round it. With good planning made in January and savings made over the remaining months of the year, it is possible to go on vacations at any venue of your choice in December and be happy you did.

Choosing a Vacation Venue

One other confusion faced by families is vacation venue but this isn’t a problem as there are uncountable places where you can spend your vacation whether it is a festive season or not. One of the most intriguing venues where you are guaranteed to get the fun of your life is the Catskills resorts Mountains. The Catskills as it is popularly called is a region in New York comprising of five counties including Sullivan, Ulster, Delaware, Schoharie and Greene. What makes this region famous and special is its series of Mountains, Valleys, Green vegetation, picturesque sights, and beautiful terrains which makes it a venue where families visit and continue to sing its praise for months to come. They’ll be entirely grateful that they were brought there and will always choose the Catskills as their preferred vacation venue whenever another opportunity comes. One more reason why they’ll always want to come back is because it is impossible to go round the Catskills in one vacation. There are several different venues that can be visited in the Catskills even if your family decides to keep coming every year and some of these venues would be properly discussed below.

Some Amazing Resorts in the Catskills

Villa Roma Resort

The Villa Roma Resort has a lot to offer and discussing it in one article would hardly be possible. Back in 2010, they were given an award of Fodor’s Choice “best of the best” hotel and resort destinations. Fodor interacts with visitors and readers to get their review on the best resorts across a range of destinations. The resort with the best result is published and an award given to them to serve as an encouragement for them to do better. The singular fact that Villa Roma Resort was highlighted as one of the best in the Catskills region means that you and your family should make there your preferred location in order to see for yourselves and rate the venue good or bad.

Barn on the Pond

Nestled between the historic and popular Woodstock and Saugerties, Barn on the pond offers a rustic and elegant barnstyle vacation in a unique form. Your family vacation can’t be any more memorable with this rustic setting where members of your family can relax, discuss, and watch the wonders of nature. The mountains are so beautiful; and when you feel like doing something else rather than feeding your eyes, their entertainment and leisure brings joy and fun because it is a combination of modern luxuries and old-world charm causing an experience that has never been felt before.

The Hanah Mountain Resort and Country Club

Located about 145 miles North of the New York City directly in the hearth of the Catskills, this venue remains one of the best venues in the Catskills region because of its lovely mountainous views, picturesque sight attractions, and breathtaking sunsets that would dazzle any member of your family especially if it’s their first time of visiting. The banquet is just perfect because you’ll find a lot of continental dishes there ensuring that you and your family face meal selection headaches. The golf course here is one of the best in the Catskills region so whether you love playing golf or watching people play it, you are sure of catching every single bit of the fun this venue brings.

Hudson Valley Resort and Spa

The Hudson valley resort is just 90 miles away from New York City but it feels like a world away because of the unending fun you and your family will witness there. It is located in the heart of the Shawangunk Mountains but surrounded by the famous Catskill views. The Hudson valley resort offers up to 270 guest rooms and suites, a fully functioning European health spa, and an unbeatable 18-hole championship golf course. There are many other recreational facilities your family is likely to enjoy such as an arcade center and game room, heated indoor and outdoor pools, sauna and steam rooms, tennis and basketball courts, free wireless internet connections, and many more.


The venues mentioned in this article are just a few of the elegant and amazing Catskills resorts. It gives you a very clear picture of what you have been missing staying back at home when other families are on vacation especially during the festive season. By taking your family out during these periods, they’ll not only catch the fun that comes with it; but will also get to meet and interact with other people, appreciate the wonders of nature, and above all, form a stronger bond between members of the family.