July 21, 2024
5 Benefits Of Flying Private For Newbies

Whether you’re someone who flies a lot for business purposes, or you’re currently in the process of planning a vacation and you want to do something that is a bit out of the ordinary, have you ever thought about charting a private jet? Although going this route can be a bit on the pricey side (small cabins tend to average around $2,000-2,500 per hour), there are so many reasons why it can be well worth every single cent.

If this is something that you can fit into your budget and you’d like to know some of the benefits that come with flying on a private jet, here are five reasons to consider giving a charter company in your area a call:

Private Jets Save Time

Although commercial planes are supposed to keep a tight schedule, if you’ve ever flown on one before, then you know that is not always guaranteed. Flights are oftentimes delayed, which can result in layovers and sometimes even canceled flights. But when you decide to travel on a private jet, this means that you can basically schedule the time that you wish to leave. Not only that, but you can avoid airport traffic. And because there is no need for connecting flights, you can go directly to your destination too.

Private Jets are Convenient

There are a lot of people who don’t like traveling by airplane, not because they are afraid to fly but because of how much of a hassle airports tend to be. From the lines at the ticket counter to the requirements at security to how much airport food costs, that’s enough to make you want to drive or cancel your trip altogether. However, with a private jet, you can take off from one of the smaller airports in your area. This means that you can easily bypass all of the drama that can oftentimes transpire at larger airports.

Private Jets Offer Privacy

One of the main reasons why a lot of famous people prefer to fly on a private jet is because they can avoid the paparazzi and fans. While that may not be a particular concern of yours, if you want to take a romantic trip or you simply want a bit of quiet time, flying on a private plan can afford you all of the privacy that you need.

Private Jets Provide Top-notch Service

If you were to ask a customer sales associate who works for a company like AVJet Corporation about another benefit that comes with private jet travel, something that they would probably tell you is that private jets have the reputation for providing top-notch customer service. The pilot and crew are very professional and friendly – and if you call ahead, they are willing to meet any needs that you may have while traveling.

Private Jets have Lots of Amenities

Speaking of accommodations, flying on a private jet offers you all kinds of amenities. Private jet companies offer catering, movies and music upon request. There are also luxury furnishings, good food, and sometimes even fresh-cut flowers for you to enjoy. As you can see, there are no regrets that you will have when flying on a private jet. For information on private jets in your area, go to your favorite search engine and put “private jet charter” along with your city and state in the search field.